Drainage, Grading & Excavation

Swale Drainage

Improper grading & drainage can cause erosion, flooding, and even property damage.  As you know Milwaukee can have several inches of rain anytime of year.  Best Choice Landscape offers professional Grading, Drainage & Excavating services for residential and commercial lots.  Grading is the process of reshaping the land to come up with a better topography.  Construction builders, land surveyors and engineers employ land grading to prevent possible natures mishaps like soil erosion, sedimentation, as well as surface runoff.  Excavating is the process of digging down and removing dirt and rocks from the ground. Drainage systems are built to give way for the water to flow to the right area and away from the property.  To make sure the drainage system will be effective in keeping the flood out of your lot, there are some important things that need to be considered during its planning.  Our experienced team will help you in every step of the process.