Hedge Trimming

Hedges serve many purposes in the garden.  They can serve like fences that will secure your privacy and at the same time, supplement the beauty of your garden.  However, it is important to trim properly to ensure proper growth.

Trimming should be done twice a year.  The initial hedge trimming is ideally done in springtime.  This is to remove the dead leaves and branches that were ruined during the winter season. The second part of the hedge trimming comes summertime because it’s during this time that hedges have reached their maximum growth.

In late summer, shrubs and hedges don’t grow that fast because they’re preparing for the winter – saving all the water and nutrients to keep their moisture.  So it’s also the perfect time to reshape them!  Best Choice Landscape, we consider Hedge Trimming as an art.  We are staffed with highly-trained and artistic personnel that can make amazing designs out of hedges and shrubs.  We also clean the site after trimming so you don’t have anything to do after but just enjoy the new look of your lawn.