Learning About Lawn Fertilization

Healthy lawns are necessary to sustain a healthy world and our front and back yards are a great place to start. Fertilizing your lawn will replenish vital nutrients back into the Earth. If your lawn shows signs of yellowing grass, little or no growth, or is dying at the tip, your lawn may be nutrient deficient.

Another issue homeowners experience is emerging crabgrass. Mowing your crabgrass will not kill it or hinder its growth; mowing will cause it to grow flat and wide. Crabgrass, unlike other plants, generates seeds until winter and each plant can produce over 150,000 seeds per year.

If your lawn is experiencing problems with crabgrass or your nutrient deficiencies, fertilizer is needed to restore your lawn to its natural state. Best Choice Landscape provides its customers with a 5-step fertilization program:

  1. EARLY SPRING 19-0-0 mix, pre-emergent crabgrass and fertilizer
  2. LATE SPRING momentum herbicide liquid application
  3. SUMMER 32-0-10 mix, slow nitrogen release and liquid spot treat for weeds
  4. LATE SUMMER momentum herbicide liquid application
  5. LATE FALL 32-0-8 mix, winter fertilization