Spring is coming!

The polar vortex has finally released its grip on southeastern Wisconsin and spring is trying to break through. After the deep freeze this winter, it’s time for us to begin to thaw out. However, this year it will be a little more difficult than in years past. On average, Milwaukee experiences 7 days below zero during the season. This year, we’ve exceeded 25 days. Even more noticeable is the lack of any mid-season thaw out. Milwaukee has had measurable snow on the ground for 93 straight days. This will cause issues once spring is in full gear. Every spring, roughly 60% of homeowners experience some type of water problem in their yard. This can create nightmares for homeowners. Serious damage can be done to your yard. You’ll notice depression spots in your yard where water will begin to pool which will lead to grading issues in the summer and fall. Even more serious is the snow that begins to melt around your foundation, including excess roof water. This has the potential do to long-term damage to your homes foundation. When problems like this arise you have two options, either sell your house and buy from one of the other 40%, or roll up your sleeves and deal with it. The good news is, there are minor things you can do to limit the damage done or completely eliminate it. First, make sure that all the soil around your foundation slopes away from your house. Also, properly installed gutters and downspouts that are well directed can be very effective. Downspouts should empty well clear of your foundation and then let gravity take control of the rest. The goal is to have the water naturally drain as far away from your home as possible. If you have zeroed in on your water issues and have tried these solutions with out success, it’s time to consult a landscape professional. Whether it’s regarding your yard or installing underground drainage systems most water problems are fixable. Give us a call and we will come out to your home for free and evaluate the source of your drainage problems. We can work with you to provide the best option. One that makes sense financially and will eliminate the potential for any future damage.