Stop the dandelions before they start!

Have you ever wondered how your neighbors have such great looking lawns?  It’s not by chance, they are using a fertilization and weed control program to keep their lawn looking healthy and free of weeds.  If your lawn has ever experienced any of the issues below, you will benefit from our program.

  • Yellowing grass
  • Grass that shows little to no growth
  • Grass that is dying at the tip
  • Dandelions
  • Crabgrass

Best Choice Landscape provides its customers with a 5-step fertilization program to keep your lawn looking great all season long:

  1.     EARLY SPRING 19-0-0 mix, pre-emergent crabgrass and fertilizer
  2.     LATE SPRING momentum herbicide liquid application
  3.     SUMMER 32-0-10 mix, slow nitrogen release and liquid spot treat for weeds
  4.     LATE SUMMER momentum herbicide liquid application
  5.     LATE FALL 32-0-8 mix, winter fertilization

Contact us for more information and to discuss a fertilization and weed control package.  We offer free quotes!